4 Responses to “I own the domain name Brille-Rate2.de and it sold for 100,000 Euro’s”

  1. Domfolio says:

    It looks like the domain “brille.de” has been sold some time ago, and last week, the buyer paid rate no. 2.

    Sedo just declared that payment as the domain name brille-rate2.de (weird, but hey, it’s sedo ;)).


    • theo says:

      Hi Jens,

      Thanks for the info ! 😉
      I had the feeling it was some kinda fluke when i saw the sale yesterday.
      Though it suprised me that alot of sites just pasted and copies the domain name as a real sale 😉

      Have a good one !


  2. Well,

    I happen to be German and here is what this is all about:

    “Brille_Rate2.de” should be deciphered into:

    “brille.de Rate 2” which means:
    “brille.de 2nd installment” (rate = installment)

    Sorry pal, you registred something like “glasses-installment2.com”.

    BTW: glasses-installment2.com is still available….


    Happy New Year,

    Alexander Schubert

  3. theo says:

    Hi Alexander,

    That the name was worthless was obvious to me. I’ve seen some horrible .DE domain names in the past and this one for a 100k that was just not gonna happen.

    Like i mentioned above it was just for kicks when i saw the sale was copied and published by other sites. And those few Euro’s ain’t gonna set me back 😉

    Happy new year too you also !

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